Download Tweakbox for iOS (iPhone & iPad)

download tweakbox for iOS mobile

Tweakbox has over 7 million users who use more than 2000 apps in Tweakbox. From tweaked apps ,modified apps to hacked games, it really gives the user an opportunity to experience a wide range of apps for free. Using an app for free is not a new thing in today’s world, but what Tweakbox provides to its user community is quite unique. Do you want to know why?

Here is why the products that Tweakbox provides to its user community is quite special.

  1. Your favorite social media apps including Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram etc are available with newly added extra features which allow you to expose to new experiences that are restricted by the original version of these apps in your app store.
  2. Premium versions are not available for free in your app store and features that are available in premium versions of those apps are meant to be used only by the premium subscribers, but  TweakBox unlocks all the premium features for free.
  3. Apps which are restricted in your app store are available in Tweakbox apps under the Tweakbox Apps category. (Emulators, recorders, etc)
  4. A vast range of popular modified versions of games is available in the third-party app store with hundreds of unlocked in-app features and premium features.
  5. Simple design, easy installation process , and user-friendly interface in this app has led Tweakbox to reach the top of popularity.

Download iOS mobileconfig file

*If you have trouble installing tweakbox on your iPhone or iPad, please look into the guide given below.

How to Download and Install Tweakbox on your iOS Device.

Tweakbox is an alternative app for jailbreak, therefore Tweakbox users don’t have to jailbreak their iPhone to use the features mentioned above.

File Information

File Name:Tweakbox
File Type:mobileconfig
Latest Version:2019 September
Operating system requirements:iOS 7 and above (support latest iOS 13)
Jailbreak Required:No
Supported Languages:English

  1. Download the tweakbox.mobileconfig file with the given link above. If you have trouble downloading file setup try to open this web page with Safari web browser.
  2. Since Tweakbox is a third-party app, change the settings in the device management to allow apps that are developed by unknown developers, to achieve successful installation in your iOS device.
  3. Go to settings > scroll down to locate general > device management
  4. Tap on Install (the top right corner. )
  5. Tap Install again (pop up window)
  6. Enter your device pass-code.
  7. Wait for the successful installation to be over.

Now TweakBox is ready to use.

How to Uninstall Tweakbox App?

Method 01: This method is the easiest and the most straightforward way to do it.

  1. Go to your iOS home.
  2. Find the icon of the Tweakbox
  3. Press and hold on the Tweakbox icon until all the icons start wiggling.
  4. Tap the cross on the top-right corner of the Tweakbox app.
  5. Tap Delete.

But this simple method will not work for some.

Method 02:

  1. Go to ‘Settings’
  2. Follow these steps  ‘General’ -> ‘Profiles & Device Management’
  3. Select the Tweakbox profile and tap on it.
  4. Choose ‘Delete Profile’
  5. Tap on ‘Delete’ on the pop-up.

What is SideLoad Box?

Sideload box is an IPA library, where you can find hundreds of IPAs for free. When your Tweakbox App is down, SideLoad box can come to your rescue. Due to continuous revokes by Apple, apps that are downloaded from a third party will not function at all, in order to rectify the situation, reinstall the app that has been revoked, and SideloadBox may come to the rescue. Sideload box is the best Tweakbox alternative. Even the Sideload box provides you with hundreds of tweaked apps, modified apps, apps that are not available in your app store and hacked games for free.

This IPA library which is also a website needs Cydia Impactor to install on your iOS device.

But no jailbreaking is required to install the Sideload box on your device.


Is Tweakbox safe?
Is jailbreak needed?
Is Tweakbox compatible with every iOS?
Is Tweakbox safe?

This is a third party app, but it provides you with the safest platform for the tweaked apps.

Is jailbreak needed?

No jailbreak is needed in order to run this app on your iOS device. This is the best alternative for jailbreak.

Is Tweakbox compatible with every iOS?

Tweakbox is compatible with iOS versions which are above iOS 7 and +.