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As our lives revolve around the word “technology “, we tend to seek comfort under the wing of technology, it has made our life easier than it was 20 years ago, but we always seek for more, and our thirst to dig deeper into what technology can offer us the latest, in order to make our lives more comfortable is an unending journey as well as a quest which has an unquenchable thirst.

This poignant need to have an escalation in privileges in the current technology-driven smart world has led many developers around the globe to invent the door to trespass boundaries, set by tech moguls around the world. As a result, Jailbreak for Apple devices and rooting for Android devices have become the road to achieving “privilege escalation “, in other words, getting a chance to enjoy all premium features without spending a penny.

TweakBox came to life as a result of this never-ending quest of privilege escalation. It is the best alternative app for jailbreaking(or rooting). It prevents the user to jailbreak his IOS device or rooting his Android device, in order to enjoy this so-called “privilege escalation” for free.

 Tweakbox definitely amazes you with what it can offer you. 

Tweaked versions of all apps in the app stores, hacked games, premium versions of apps for free… Isn’t it amazing?

It is a third-party app store for the tweaked and modded versions of apps and games, Spotify++, Snapchat++, Instagram++, and Pokemon go++, Clash of Clans ++ and the list goes on. Its energetic behavior,  tidy interfaces, user-friendly nature have attracted the hearts of millions of users around the world. Most importantly they promise you the most secure platform for tweaked, modded versions of apps and games.

TweakBox doesn’t believe in the cliche in the smart world which states “pay for the premium privileges ” it is here for you. To make your life feel more satisfied for free. Why do you wait another minute to miss the chance to experience more than 2k apps on TweakBox? It is all yours for free.

 More than 2000 apps & games free 

Quarks & Features

Tweakbox can be now downloaded in your device and the following are the features that are available for your iOS device and Android device.

  • Automatic updates –Notification of the newest update of any app that is available in your Tweakbox app store will pop up in your device immediately, it is up to you to decide whether to run the update now or later.
  • Humongous inventory –Tweaked apps, modified apps, hacked games, it will amaze you without a doubt.
  • User-friendly Interface – Eye catchy, stylish and simple design of the app makes it easy to use
  • Negligible errors –No app in the world has zero errors but Tweakbox tops the list with its almost flawlessness regardless of minor and almost negligible bugs and errors, compared to the other alternatives in the market.
  • Space requirement –minimum utilization of available space.
  • Customer support – The best customer service provider among similar apps and its eagerness to work on solutions immediately is unlike other apps in the market.
  • For Android devices – No Rooting is required. Tweakbox is the best alternative for rooting, go ahead, and simply install it to use the app.
  • For iOS devices – No Jailbreak is required.

Download Tweakbox for iOS Device (iPhone, iPad, iPod)

  1. Click here or button above to go to the download page for iOS and download a suitable file for you.
  2. Wait for the completion of the download.
  3. Go to Settings > General > Profile and Device Management,
  4. Tap on Install. (the top right corner)
  5. Tap Install again (pop up window)
  6. Enter your device passcode.
  7. Wait for the successful installation to be over.
  8. Now TweakBox is ready to use.
Download for iOS

Download for Android

  1. Go to the settings and enable the unknown source on your android device.
  2. Open the link (or above download button) and find a suitable APK file to download.
  3. Once the downloading process is over choose and click on the file.
  4. Click on the installation page and follow the instructions given on the page.
  5. Make sure you have a steady internet connection before Clicking on the install button.
  6. Click on the “next” button to start the actual installation process.
  7. wait for the successful installation of TweakBox to get over.
  8. Now you are ready to experience all tweaked versions of your favorite apps, games, etc.
Download for Android

App Categories & Interface

There are four major categories into which we can divide apps and other available products in this third-party app store called TweakBox.

  • Blink Applications – Download and install applications that are not available on your app store
  • App Shop Applications – We can find the latest updated versions of apps as well as premium app store applications for free
  • TweakBox Apps – Hundreds of Music Apps, favored emulators, Movie Apps, Display Recorders, etc which are ready give you an enhanced experience.
  • Tweaked Apps – Customized download variations of all your favorite apps like Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat with added new extra features.
  • Hacked Gaming – This is a treasure island for the gaming world,  Get the unlimited live coins and also in-game factors without paying a penny.

How to Use TweakBox

how to use tweakbox mobile

After a successful installation of Tweakbox, let’s see how to use the apps that are available in its app store. This third-party app store has four different categories of apps that are mentioned above, many of the apps are not available in the Apple Store or Google Play store. Therefore it is a must to allow apps that are developed by unknown sources to run in your device. To allow that to happen, you are supposed to follow the instructions given below.

For iOS Devices

  1. Open Settings
  2. Click on General
  3. Choose Profiles & Device Management
  4. Click the text located underneath Enterprise App
  5. Then Click on Trust and click on Trust again (when prompted)

For Android

  1. Go to Android settings.
  2. Switch on the unknown resources to enable the successful installation.

How to Uninstall apps Installed with Tweakbox

  1. Just tap and hold on the app until it wiggles
  2. Tap on the X icon to delete it. (But sideloaded apps may also install its  management profile or configuration profile onto your device.)
  3. Open the Settings app.
  4. Click on General.
  5. Tap on one of the following -> Device Management -> Profile Management, or Profile & Device Management.
  6. Tap on the configuration profile to be deleted and tap deletes Profile.
  7. Enter passcode if prompted. Tap on delete again.
  8. Restart your iOS device.

Discussions on Reddit

reddit discussions about tweakbox mobile

Many questions popped up on Reddit regarding the reliability of the app. Many Reddit users in the discussion came up with answers which were influenced by their past experiences with the app. The answer to the questions regarding reliability and safety is, YES! Tweakbox is one of the most reliable among other alternatives, but it can face revokes sometimes yet protecting the privacy and security of TweakBox users are its main responsibilities. And they do give priority to users’ privacy and security.

People who were searching for an alternative for jailbreak had found Tweakbox as the best over any other alternative available.

Continuous revokes happening in tutuapp, appvalley and other apps have led many to switch to Tweakbox. After the launch of Spotify++ on Tweakbox, Many in the tweaked app-user community has started focusing more on this third-party app store -Tweakbox.


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